Myers Mobile Animal Clinic


Dr. Kristine Myers-Stuenkel

Dr. Myers has been a beloved, local veterinarian since 2005. It wasn’t always clear what she wanted to be when she grew up, but once the opportunity came, it consumed her life forever. An interest in the animal medical profession was not a surprise to those that knew her due to the love of the family dog, Bogie she so begged to have.

A big part of her path was set by her father, who pushed her to “be something with all those good grades”. Her animal experience began at the age of 18, as an animal shelter worker. Working for the local animal shelter was one of the most rewarding times in her career. She cared for debilitated, malnourished, unkempt, abused, unsocialized cats and dogs and loved every bit of it. The shelter veterinarian at the time encouraged her to seek employment at a veterinary clinic for more experience.

She married the love of her life, her high school sweetheart, the same year she began working for a local veterinary clinic. The 5 doctor practice gave her the 6 years of experience she needed to pursue her career and to apply to vet school. Acceptance to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Kitts began in 2001. It was a tough 3 years away from husband and family but an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. The amazing experience of living in a 3rd world country, classmates and professors from all around the U.S., and amazing hands on experience Ross University provided was unlike any other education. Her last clinical year she attended the University Of Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine, followed by employment at a local veterinary clinic.

In 2006 she gave birth to her son Joey, her little veterinarian in training. Life was never so good with this wonderful addition to the family. On November 19th, 2012, Myers Mobile Animal Clinic was established. A mobile veterinary clinic was a vision Dr. Myers had for many years to meet the needs of her clients and patients. Since then “For the care they deserve”, will continue to be the approach to every case, every appointment, every time.

Amy Parkhill

Amy is an animal lover, at the age of 7 she wanted to be a vet but after studying Zoology at SIUC for 4 years and realizing chemistry wasn't her thing, she decided any animal care would be fine. She has worked in the animal field for over 20 years now. To date she has managed a pet store, been a full time zookeeper, an animal educator, an assistant at a 20 doctor practice in California and now Dr. Myers most awesome technician ever!

Amy has 2 cats, Princess Kitty Maxi and Bobby whom are long hair and don't care. Her daughter will probably follow her steps someday as well since her love of animals is huge. "I love my job so much it never seems like work, I am so blessed".

Traci Lowe

Although Traci had worked with Dr. Myers previously, she came to us in November, 2014, as a full-time receptionist.

She said, “I felt the warmth of companionship and unconditional love my own pets offered me and wanted to experience again that same love, but through the eyes of other pet owners.” One of her other great passions in life is traveling, especially to the mountains and the Southeast coast. Her motto: “Travel often, see new places and interesting people so that your life is enhanced in a deep and permanent way.”

Traci is blessed with a son who is a preacher and full-time college student in Joplin, Missouri. Her family also consists of a Chihuahua-beagle mix named Viva, and a Siamese mix named Y.Y. Frosty Paws.